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CDR Brian D. Perkins

1717 Tipton Dr.

Crofton, MD 21114

(h) 410-451-6901 (w) 202-267-1767


Class of '81 homepage:

House renovations, holidays, and family flu will make this a short and bumpy ride – check your belt and don’t look fixate outside the cockpit.

Chris "Packface" Paquette dropped a line this month. He lives in Lakewood, Ohio, and works as an asphalt sales manager. His wife, Bonnie, is the head of counseling for Cleveland’s YWCA domestic violence service. (Now those are what I call full contact jobs.) Their son is in the 5th grade. Chris wants to know if there was some sort of welcoming to the old geezers club that he missed. Don’t know Chris…not there yet. But, I will say that the new U2 and Offspring albums are a bit disappointing. Hope it’s not me.

Dave and Claire Hill have big news. Claire is 8 months pregnant and Dave may be headed to CO of VIGOROUS soon. If so, Dave says the ship’s schedule will permit attending the 20th reunion. (Hint hint) Party? Say "yes please"!

Next door to Dave’s DALLAS right now is Carol Munch Bennet, XO of GALLATIN. Carol’s ship is operating armed helos and over-the-horizon RHIBs and rumor is that she is about to gain Wayne Parent as CO. If your going to be an XO, you might as well set your hair completely on fire! I predict we’ll be seeing big things from GALLATIN in the next few months.

Scott Eichelman was in town for the DC Marine Corps marathon but I was TDY and missed him. Hey, Scott, I ran the DC Army 10-Miler and that was enough for me. But, it is always a shame to miss out on a free beer. Rats.

Speaking of beer, there is a monthly cutterman’s call at Potowmack Landing in DC on the first Friday of the month. It usually starts about 1700 (that’s 5 p.m. for you civilian types) but has been known to kick off earlier. If you’re stuck in DC, like boats and/or beer, and need details, drop me a line.

Brian and Kim Swanson sent me a great e-mail from Alaska. Brian will be heading to Honolulu soon. They "joyously announced the launching of the newest vessel in the Swanson fleet, christened Gregory Leif (pronounced ‘Layf’)! Gregory Leif slid out of the ways on March 20, 2000, at 2200 (10:00 p.m.) in Ketchikan, Alaska." Displacement is listed as 9 lb. 8 oz., length overall is 22 inches, and the color scheme is white (pink) with red trim. Shipyard facilities were commended for an excellent job, and all went according to the Master Design.

A late note, Jim Howe sent this Peru photo along with a letter he wrote while steaming south in TAMPA along the Chilean coast. Your overpaid reporter failed to get it into the last issue and it is offered here with delayed thanks. Jim added that he and Warren Haskovec were deployed "out of hemisphere" in CAMPBELL at the same time. Cool!

Jim says his kids take swimming lessons with Dan Laliberte’s kids (LANT Intel), and that he recently got together with Paul Hansen and his 5 kids. He also mentioned that Denis Smith Carpentier is living in Charleston. Denise, send me a note!

For those of you who are thinking of retiring this summer, if you don’t think you’d like a good party, think about the important networking that can be achieved by attending the 20th reunion, September 28 - 30. Some of our classmates are already "captains of industry", and the rest of us will be soon. And by the way, try to spread out your new homes, okay…particularly in the warmer climates! (Rob Loesch - good luck with that Florida cruise line port engineer job interview, buddy!) And for all of you, check the class web page (above) for details, and make your 20th reunion hotel reservations quickly. As we all know, the area’s rooms fill up quickly. Don’t put it off.

Good luck staying warm, everyone. I’ve gotta go now. I have some important TDY to arrange. Like the Great Philosopher, "I’d rather be where it’s warm".