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Class of 1981

U. S. Coast Guard Academy

20 Year Reunion

27-30 September 2001

Update # 1, February 9, 2001


Greetings Classmates!

If you haven't already heard, our 20th reunion is scheduled from 28 - 30 September. Wow, it’s been 24 years since 336 high school students swore in back in 1977! Your planning committee includes myself, Joe Sargent, Brian Perkins, Bob Albright, Kurt Colella, Mary Ellen Colella, Anne Flammang, and Frank Irr. I'm sending this letter to you as an early notice that the plans for our reunion are already well underway. In fact, our class hotel has already been selected, rooms are going fast, and you need to make your reservations now!

We have selected the newest hotel in the New London area - the Hampton Inn in Groton. Our hopes are to fill all the rooms at the hotel. To reserve your room, please call the hotel direct (860-405-1585) during normal business hours and ask for the sales manager, Bari. If she is unavailable, tell the reservation desk that you would like to make a reservation under the "Coast Guard 81" group. The hotel has offered us reduced rates ranging from $109 (single) to $129 (double - king suite) per night. This includes a continental breakfast.

For reunion updates, go to Joe Sargent’s website at (click on the Class of ’81 Homepage). While you are there, please do the following:

Other thing to do:

The three past reunions have all been extraordinary. Let's all make this one the best! Hope to see you there!



Steve Finton

W (860) 701-6728

H (860) 536-5311

Enclosures: (1) Reunion Schedule & Classmate List

(2) Questionnaire

Class of 1981

United States Coast Guard Academy

2001 Homecoming Weekend

27 September – 30 September

Schedule of Events

Thursday, 27 September: (Ticket pickup: Henriques Room, Hamilton Hall, 1500-1700)

  1. Alumni Association & Athletic Hall of Fame Awards Dinner. Cash Bar. Officers’ Club. Reservations required. Honoring the 2001 Alumni Association award recipients and the 2001 Academy Athletic Hall of Fame inductees.

Friday, 28 September: (Ticket pickup: Henriques Room, Hamilton Hall, 0830-1900)

0800 Alumni Golf Tournament – Pequot Golf Course, Stonington – Shotgun Start

0900-1700 Coast Guard Museum Open

    1. Luncheon with Cadets – Officers’ Club. A chance to learn "up close and personal" what cadet life is like today as compared to "when you were a cadet…" Limited to first 100 reservations.
  1. Class of 1951 Memorial Service (if desired) – Coast Guard Memorial Chapel
  1. Review of the Corps of Cadets and ’50 Plus medallions’ presented to the Great Class of 1951 – Washington Parade – (Reserved Seating for VIPs)
  1. Early Bird Cocktail Party – Officers’ Club – Cash Bar. A good place to meet and mingle.

1730-1900 Early Bird Buffet Dinner – Officers’ Club – Tables can be reserved for groups. Reservations Required.

  1. Men’s Soccer Game – CGA vs. Norwich University – Cadet Memorial Field.

Saturday, 29 September: (Ticket pickup: Henriques Room, Hamilton Hall, 0830-1230)(After 1245 tickets can be picked up at the McAllister Hall Ticket Booth)

0800 Fun Run - One lap around the Academy with start and finish at Leamy Hall.

0900-1700 Coast Guard Museum Open

0900 Alumni Crew Race – Rowing Center – Alumni vs. Varsity

0900 Alumni Soccer Game – Nitchman Field

0900 Alumni Baseball Game – Nitchman Field

0900-1100 Chase Hall open to visitors

1000 All Classes Memorial Service – Coast Guard Memorial Chapel

  1. Jacobs Rock Lunch

1145 Jacobs Rock Class Photo

1300 Class Walk-on – Cadet Memorial Field

1330 Football Game – CGA vs. Norwich University – Cadet Memorial Field. Reservations required for reunion group seating.

Post Game Cocktail Party – Leamy Hall. Reservations Required.

1900-2300 Class of ’81 Dinner at CGA Officers’ Club

Sunday, 30 September

0900 Catholic Mass – Coast Guard Memorial Chapel

1030 Protestant Service – Coast Guard Memorial Chapel

1200-1700 Coast Guard Museum Open

Reunion Questionnaire

Please do the best you can. We’re trying to put together a master schedule for the class. The most important class planning items are questions 1, 2, 9 (our class might meet somewhere else), 16, 17,18 and 20. Thanks!

Name: ____________________________________________

  1. I plan to attend the reunion. Yes No
  2. I plan to stay at the Hampton Inn, Class of ‘81 Headquarters. Yes No
  3. Thursday, 27 September

  4. I plan to attend the Hall of Fame Awards Dinner. Yes No
  5. Friday, 28 September

  6. I plan to attend the Alumni Golf Tournament. Yes No
  7. I plan to attend the Luncheon with Cadets (If yes, how many? _____) . Yes No
  8. I plan to attend the Class of 1951 Memorial Service. Yes No
  9. I plan to attend the Review of the Corps of Cadets at Washington Parade. Yes No
  10. I plan to attend the Early Bird Cocktail Party at the Officers’ Club. Yes No
  11. I plan to attend the Early Bird Buffet Dinner – Officers’ Club. Yes No
  1. I plan to attend the Men’s Soccer Game. Yes No
  2. Saturday, 29 September

  3. I plan to attend the Fun Run. Yes No
  4. I plan to attend the alumni Crew Race. Yes No
  5. I plan to attend the Alumni Soccer Game. Yes No
  6. I plan to attend the Alumni Baseball Game. Yes No
  7. I plan to attend the all-classes Memorial Service. Yes No
  8. I plan to attend the Jacobs Rock Lunch/Class of 81 Tailgate Party. Yes No
  1. I plan to attend the Class Walk-on – Cadet Memorial Field. Yes No
  2. I plan to attend the Football Game – CGA vs. Norwich University. Yes No
  3. I plan to attend the Post Game Cocktail Party – Leamy Hall. Yes No
  4. I plan to attend the Class of ’81 Dinner at CGA Officers’ Club. Yes No
  5. Sunday, 30 September

  6. I plan to attend Catholic Mass – Coast Guard Memorial Chapel. Yes No
  7. I plan to attend Protestant Service – Coast Guard Memorial Chapel. Yes No

Please return NLT March 30th to:

Steve Finton

496 Judson Avenue

Mystic, CT 06355

Other Classmate Addresses and/or Emails that are Not on File

Please review our Class of ’81 roster and provide any information you have on other classmates not on file, so they can be contacted for the reunion. Thank you.



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___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

___________________________________________ ___________________________________________


Geronimo Aganon

Keith Abate

Robert Albright *

Kelly Arikawa

Walter Arnold

Robert Ash *

Paul Asper

Robert Atkin *

Manuel Bada *

Gordon Baker *

Christine Balboni *

Lance Bardo *

Steven Barker *

Theodore Bayer

James Beardall

Kirk Beasley *

Geoffrey Beausoleil *

Alison Becker

James Beckham *

Virginia Bennett

Thomas Bentley

Sharon Bernhardy

Richard Blanc

Matthew Blizard *

Robert Bolton

Paul Bourque

John Bower

Stephen Brisson

William Brothers *

Eric Brown *

Charles Brown *

Jeffrey Brownell

Christopher Bruening *

Alen Buckeye *

Patrick Bultema

Edward Buonopane

Jon Burden *

Craig Burger

Kenneth Burgess *

Thomas Burton *

Timothy Bushrow *

Timothy Butler *

James Button

Austin Callwood

Bruce Campbell *

Timothy Cantwell *

Thomas Caputi

Charles Carter *

Kevin Carter

Geoffrey Casner

Patricia Cassidy

Timothy Chenoweth

Dale Chittenden *

Linda Circosta

Virginia Cisi

Dawn Clampet *

Cecil Claspell

Jurgen Cole

Kurt Colella *

Julian Coleman

John Collins

Brian Conroy *

Brenda Coville

Harry Craig

Matthew Crawley *

Thomas Criman *

William Culver *

Guy Cummings

Diana Custer

Orie Davis *

Gordon Davis

John Dean *

Cynthia Deens *

Daryl DeJean *

Catherine Dessellier *

Kurt DeVoe *

Mark DeVries *

Peter Dewind

Charles Diewald

Steve Dockham

Stephen Duca *

William Dugan

David Dunlevy *

Willie DuPriest *

Elizabeth Dwyre

Sally Earl *

Hormoz Ebrahimi

Scott Eichelman *

Charles Emerson

Robert Erway

James Esposito *

Dean Faina *

Daniel Fancher

Robert Farmer *

Michael Farrell *

Richard Feffer *

Gary Felicetti

John Feucht *

John Finley

Stephan Finton *

Michael Fisher *

Lucretia Flammang *

Mark Flanagan

Lyle Fleck *

Mark Flowers

Brian Foster

Mary Foye

Chris Frangos

Martin Fuller

Gary Gage

John Gagne

John Geffken *

William Geiger

Joseph Geraghty

Preston Gibson *

Thomas Giguere *

Richard Gimson

Brian Goettler *

Kayle Gorden

Steven Gough

Scot Graham *

David Griffiths

Robert Grinnel

Mark Guillory *

James Gunther *

Kurtis Guth *

Jason Hadges

John Hain *

Richard Hall

Gifford Hammar *

Carl Hancik

Paul Hansen *

Robert Harrison

Sharon Harvey

Warren Haskovec *

Timothy Henry

Bruce Hensel *

David Hill *

Thomas Hobaica *

Mark Hoesten *

Matthew Holmstron *

Jeffrey Holt *

Virginia Holtzman *

Michael Hoppe

David Hoppell *

James Howe *

James Hubbard *

Dmitri Hunt

Francis Irr *

Paul Jensen *

Richard Kaser *

Terrence Keenan *

Jonathan Keene *

Mohammad Khavarinejad

Stephen King

Craig Kohler *

Robert Korroch *

Scott Krammes *

David Kranking *

Daniel Kuhn

John Kujawa

Robert Kuklinski

Sandra Labrecque

Deborah Ladd

Judith Lake *

Daniel Laliberte *

Mark Landers

John Lang *

Fernando Lardizabal *

Alexander Larzelere *

Rene Lazarus

Lurilla Lee

Robert Legier *

Jill Lehman *

Monica Lenz

Eric Linton

Angela Liu

Robert Loesch *

Isaac Lucero

Walter Lysinger

Marshall Lytle *

Daniel MacLeod *

Ali Makailli

Robert Malkowski *

Stephen Maloney

Jay Manik *

David Markland

Steven Marsh

Earl McArthur

Mary McCaffrey *

Douglas McCann *

Kevin McCarron

Skye McClain

Timothy McIntyre

Christopher McMahon

James McPhetidge

Segundo Mentoya *

William Michaels *

Leonard Mikus

Darrell Milburn *

Brick Miller

David Miller

Stephen Mintulo *

Michael Mitas

Patrick Mooney *

Daniel Moorhead

Patrick Moran *

Pamela Morrow

Kevin Mulligan

Carol Munch *

Matthew Naiman

Ivan Nance

Jeffrey Nienstedt

Shannon Nix

John Ochs *

Stephen Ohnstad *

Peter Oittinen *

William Olson

David Orwick

Thomas Ostebo *

Mohammad Pahlavanzadeh

Christopher Paquette *

Frank Paskewich *

Daniel Pease

Brian Perkins *

Julie Pina

Mark Powell

Mark Prescott *

George Privon *

John Prokop *

Anthony Radecki

Gunnar Radel

Kevin Rahl *

Michael Rall *

Donald Ramey

James Rauchfuss

Charles Ray *

Richard Regan

Lee Reid

Francis Reiminger

Richard Rendon *

Lisa Reyes

Anthony Reynolds *

Carolyn Riordan

Guy Rittger

Richard Roberts

Joseph Rogers *

Thomas Rogers *

Maryanne Ruckes

Larry Rudy *

Mark Russell

Peter Russo

Mark Rutherford

Peter Ryba *

Philip Salvatore

Joseph Sargent *

Craig Sattergon *

Vincent Scalesse *

Hugh Scanlon

Scott Schaefer *

Bryan Schroder *

Matthew Schroeder

Timothy Schuller

Peter Schwartz

John Sengle

John Sheffield

Seth Shepherd

Kenneth Sherwood *

Susan Silva

Richard Skillman *

Denise Smith

William Smith

Bradley Snowball *

Michael Sobey *

James Sokolowski

Warren Soloduk *

Robert Spiel

Donald Stadtfeld *

Richard Stanchi *

Greg Starnauld

Carlton Stayer

Keith Steinhouse *

Brenda Stephenson

John Sterling

David Stevenson *

David Strade

Gregory Sturge

Gregory Sturm

Brad Suchanek *

Brian Sullivan *

Philip Sullivan *

Joseph Sullivan

Brian Swanson *

Terrence Swanson *

Lisa Sweeney

Gilbert Teal

Francis Teodosio

Dirk Thomas

Edwin Thompson

Jon Tingley *

David Titus

Jeffry Tola

Patrick Trapp *

David Turner *

Peter Turner

James Van De Voorde

Dana Van Horn

George Vance *

Ronald Vanduzer

Dan Vanroosendaal

Robert Veach

Paul Verveniotis

Laurence Villani

Robin Voiles

Melissa Wall *

Robert Waltz

Martin Warhurst

Joseph Waterbury

Mario Wawrzusin

Christopher White

Sandra Wiemann

Steven Williams

Thomas Willis *

Daniel Wray *

William Wright

Donald Yablonski

John Yager *

Milan Yagodich *

David Yienger

Timothy Youmans *

Mark Young *

Jeffrey Youngsma

Jennifer Yount *

Jose Zamora

Christopher Zaworski

Jerome Zufelt

* Address on file