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Guestbook Entries: 21

date: 22 Jun 1997
name: Bryan Forsyth
comment: I went to high school with Brenda Stephenson (possibly an academy grad of '81). If anyone can confirm her graduation year or her whereabouts....please let me know.
date: 2 May 1997
name: Brian Perkins
comment: Back in Cocoa Beach after a long but sucessful Yard Period. Thanks to everyone who allowed me to freeload! It was great seeing you. VIGILANT sails in two weeks but we'll be back in mid-June. Stop by and have a beer on me! Perk
date: 2 May 1997
name: Craig Carter
comment: Married (14 years), 2 boys ages 6 and 10, active in music, church, sports. Print Salesperson for over 12 years. Live in Tacoma, WA in big old house.
date: 21 Apr 1997
name: Bryan Schroder
comment: Yes, we do have the Internet in Alaska!
date: 10 Mar 1997
name: Joe Sullivan
comment: as a former member of '81 (left in fall of '79), just want to congratulate those who i've seen on the commander's list...great job! talked to ochsie a few months back. i just retired from the navy (chief) in december, but i've always followed my old classmates throughout the years...great page...please feel free to drop me a line whenever, now that i'm one of those "contractor" types down here in norfolk.
date: 26 Feb 1997
name: Marshall Lytle
comment: go 81!
date: 25 Feb 1997
name: F. Dore' Hunter
comment: Class of 1956
date: 18 Feb 1997
name: Matt (Bake) McBride
comment: 79 Grad currently working for the Navy in DC in submarine world. For Dapper: Got the distress call from current CGA Ruggers. Letter on the way. Nice to know important things can be counted on in life like character of rugby players.
date: 13 Feb 1997
name: Bob Legier
comment: This is my 1st venture into InterNet. O.T. Davis broke me in... I'm glad to say he was gentle. I have no idea where this message is going... my intention is to say hello to the '81 chums... hope it works. I'm slaving away in my meager cube at HQ (civ. eng. office)... Is anybody out there??? What are you up to??? Bob
date: 2 Feb 1997
name: Christopher Fetters
comment: Cadet in the class of '94 and prior service enlisted QM3. Left to go into computers. Programmer/Analyst for PinnacleHealth Laboratories in Harrisburg, PA with a successful database consulting business on the side... Synergy, Inc.
date: 26 Jan 1997
name: Dapper
comment: The CGA RFC is in need of some help. The commandant of cadets wants to disband the club. I have been asked by some of the 1/C CAdets to get the word out to alumni and request their support. There is a letter writng campaign to the superintendant to promote keeping the RFC at CGA. IF you can help, It would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks. Dapper
date: 19 Jan 1997
name: Dapper
comment: Just wanted to drop a note off and say hey. Dapper
date: 17 Jan 1997
name: Alo Konsen
comment: I'm a '94 CGA grad, currently at HQ. Here are some links worth checking out. There should be a '94 page soon, too.
. . . Class of '62 home page
. . . Class of '92 home page
date: 1 Jan 1997
name: Perk
comment: Hey! Send info to me for the Bulletin!
date: 28 Dec 1996
name: Dapper
comment: Just talked to Sea Dog. He had to get his knee rebuilt. He should be back to work in a week or so. Got a Christmas card from Chalmers. He is still in Nashville. From the picture, the only thing he has changed is diapers. He and Betsy have three kids now, and one is real young. That's about it. Drop me a line if you are going to be in the Eastern Idaho/Western Wyoming/Nothern Utah area. Happy New Year.
date: 17 Dec 1996
name: Jim Billups
comment: Own business in San Diego involved with scientific R&D with NASA related projects, both Shuttle and high alt. balloon (29mft3 gamma ray telescopes flown out of the S.Pole). Was at the Academy July '63-~March '94 - typical attitude problem. Is there a link into the old year books? Never did get mine, although I am still sleeping under the official blanket of USCGA at the age of 51 years! Pretty wierd... Thanks Jim (Search on Meer Instruments for more info)
date: 19 Nov 96
name: LTJG Flip P. Capistrano
comment: 1995 graduate of USCGA. Marine Science major. Currently out on a 270 out of Key West FL. Intend to pursue grad studies in Medicine. Interested in how to make my own class homepage.

date: 25 Oct 1996
name: Geoff "Dapper" Beausoleil
comment: Had a blast at the reunion. It was good to see all that made it.
date: 13 Oct 96
name: Dave Turner
comment: Sorry to miss reunion. __________ was going to travel with me to it and he bagged at last minute.
JPS Note: Name withheld to protect the guilty... Drop Dave a line and ask him who stood him up...
date: 8 Oct 96
comment: we'll be there!

date: 4 Oct 96
name: Dave Turner
comment: Not enuff room in email address blank to post full email address.
JPS Note: I hear you - made the field 35 characters...