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LCDR Brian D. Perkins
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Class of '81 homepage:

Happy holidays to all classmates and their families, spies from other classes, and those bored enough to read almost anything. Well, I did it. I took a photograph - two, actually. I've owned a camera for years, of course, and the lack of legitimate submissions forced me to it. I warn you, any complaints about fuzziness will make you our class photographer, and my new assistant.

On a recent trip to DC we gathered the faithful and yes, Iggy lives. Here we are gathered around the rocking chair that was our class gift to a young LT Stimatz, and, as you can see, the kryptonite embedded in it is beginning to have some effect. Unfortunately there has been some collateral damage upon our classmates (which you can also see upon close scrutiny of these professional quality photos).

After pictures and the obligatory handshaking, name calling, and girth comparing inevitable in any such mini-reunion, John Ochs led us to the only place appropriate to celebrate the visit of such an honored guest as the class correspondent. Here you see us at that famous establishment, cleverly disguised as a bowling alley.

Note the handsome civilian in the photo. It is none other than Keith Culver, aka Beefer, who drove down from Delaware. Some of you may know him better as romance novel hero, Fire Dancer. Now I'm not drawn to the genre (I swear) but I do know who novelist Colleen Faulkner is and I may have scanned part of her 18th(?) book. I'm guessing that her disclaimer, "all characters in this book are fictitious," is just legal protection and an attempt to cut down on her husband's groupies. Personally I think Fabio (Flabbio?) is less than impressive, and no real competition. I'll grant that it may have taken some makeup, but I've seen the cover of Firedancer, Beef, and I'm proud of you for keeping up with the weights.

I'm told that Beefer also owns his own business, spends his time depositing money in the bank and attending Kiwanis and country club functions, and is about to enter a 100 mile bike race with Ochsie. (I don't make this stuff up folks, I just pass it on.) Here is the "before" picture; I've asked for the "after".

Mike Farrell wasn't able to make it to the luncheon - he was restricted to the HQ building. Typical. Jim Hubbard couldn't make it either. He had to "kick some ICAF butt for stealing our 3rd deck." Hubby is in aviation safety at HQ when he isn't playing rugby - you may have seen one of his articles recently.

Speaking of pilots, Rick Stanchi landed on my flight deck for lunch last patrol. Being OPS at a little air station with a huge mission can only be a rough job, but Stanch is alive and well and looks great. We didn't have much time to swap lies (I mean facts) but it was great to see him. His landing was picture perfect by the way.

Back to DC. I didn't get a chance to see Orrie Davis while I was there, but I talked to him earlier by phone. He's doing well pumping out new patrol boats for the Coast Guard. I just sent him my old EO (my loss, Orrie's gain).

In the bowling alley Bob Korroch taught me three standard headquarters replies, "I don't do that, my carpool leaves at four, and that's my RDO." Bob Atkins taught me that a great icebreaker is to replace someone's screen saver with a really interesting animated one. (Bob has only been in headquarters for two weeks and still delights in terrorizing commuters by smiling and saying hi.) I also learned that there have been several new musicians since Jimmy Buffet, but that none of my classmates could name one...and that a frighteningly high percentage of us still own record players.

Ken Sherwood writes that he is starting his 3rd tour in Yorktown - this one as OCS School Chief. But before all you active duty types start chanting "homesteader," he's about to move to CGA unaccompanied (ugh) as the school shifts locations. His wife, Tina, finished her BA in Psych and will be starting her master's in August. Daughters Priscilla (9) and Fallon (4) are pursuing ballet, cheer leading, piano, and church youth choir. Sorry about the delay Ken; thanks for your patience. (By the way, gang, use the e-mail...they always get through).

Jeff Holt and Bob Korroch forwarded a note that Bryan Schroeder won the Executive Office for US Attorney's Director's Award for "Superior Performance as Special Assistant US Attorney." He was the only Armed Forces member so honored. Good job, Bryan, and thanks guys.

The Sargents pass on that they have a new church in Maryland, and that their daughter, Laura's new Sunday school teacher is none other than Eric Linton. (Small world? A good reason to fear God? You make the call.) They also pass on that Lance Bardo is officially "Political-Military Officer for Sub-Saharan Africa." Lance and Beth left CONFIDENCE here in Florida this summer and trekked off to Europe for an adventure. Last I heard he was searching for castles, Octoberfest, and the Black Forest. Sounds like his land navigation isn't much better than mine.

Keep those cards and letters coming folks, I'll be back soon. Remember, I give extra credit for photos. And, as the Great Philosopher says, "You need a holiday. Take a holiday.... Grab a pack and hit the trail, take a sail and wind up in some moonlit bay."