News flash! Rick Stanchi and Virginia Holzman-Bell alerted me to an AP story that Mark Guillory and two friends were hoisted by helo in Alaska following one member's fall from a glacier. Hoisted? Hmmm...this investigative reporter immediately went to work. Soon I had some facts. Mark wasn't slumming it with barbarians like Rick and Charlie "Double Deep" Ray (that would be captain-select Ray!). Nope. The injured friend was named Laura, and she had injured her leg while Mark and another woman named Rebecca had been hiking from Lake Medvejie to Baranof Warm Springs. Next I contacted Mark directly - go straight to the source if you need help making up a good sea story, I always say. Classmate Guillory stated that when Rebecca followed Laura into the basket and he was faced with the loss of his "dream team", he did the only sane thing and also hopped the basket out. Mark said it was fortunately a minor injury, but he owes the Sitka crew many beers and he will be back next year. No doubt to pay up.

In another AP footnote, some of you may have read about the sad goings-on at Cape May. Apparently the place has been overrun with cats. Lots of cats. Wild cats. In fact the problem is so bad that it has become a health issue and action has to be taken. Members of the Coast Guard are now attempting to eliminate the cats which "are gathering around docks, kitchens, and the base chapel..." according to the Associated Press. Now, I would never take advantage of a situation and stoop to yellow journalism, applying a lot of unnecessary adjectives and adverbs when faced with an unpleasant situation, or casting aspersions and innuendoes here and there. However, I couldn't help but notice that about the same time cats were being "eliminated", our classmate, Bob Legier, was assuming his new duties as Engineering Officer at Cape May. No doubt the timing is merely a coincidence, and I stand ready to publish any comments from Bob. (Hi, Bob.)

On a lighter many of you were at the Annapolis Boat Show (weekend of October 7th)? If we missed you, send me an e-mail and let me know. Some of us plan to keep using it for spontaneous class parties. We used cell phones to coordinate an on-the-spot '81 Rendezvous again this year, and we drank beer and compared teenage children and boats for hours over dinner. Attending were: Giff Hammar, Joe Sargent, Brian Perkins (that's me), Anne Perkins, Bob Farmer, and Sue Farmer. Tiger Skillman and Milan Yagodich canceled at the last minute but hopefully will make it next time. We also watched a classmate buy a sailboat - a really big sailboat. But I promise not to say anything about it until it's a done deal, Giff.

Oh, here's a tidbit. Bob Farmer had passed earlier that he "ran into a former classmate on the VRE.... Pat Mooney, who left 3rd Class year and currently works for the Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled. Bob can get the address if anyone is interested in contributing. Along the same line, Paul Verveniotis who also bailed at the end of 3rd Class year sent me an e-mail. He completed a mechanical engineering degree after CGA and went into the semi-conductor industry. He also worked as a sailing instructor and charter/delivery skipper for 15 years, and is the current US National Spearfishing Champion. (Now that is cool!) Paul is married with two girls and lives in Santa Carlos, CA.

And, another tidbit. Warren Soloduk is now working for Global Crossing. He is Director of Project Management, and joins Jon Tingley who is already a VP. Warren says he hasn't seen Jon yet, but thinks Jon probably has a bigger office and a better parking place. Warren asked me if he should call Jon "sir". Being less than an expert on things "not Coast Guard", I would have to say that it depends, Warren. What's your golf handicap so far?

Now, some of you less-than-lifers having been making a lot of retirement noises about next summer. As a public service I am passing on that according to MLCA (Al) lawyer CDR Gary Felicetti. "...the formal legal opinion behind PERSMAN section 12.C.16.a.5" is the one "which says that we get 'formula one' (the best) retirement program." He has a copy of the formal opinion and, because he is a lawyer, he should immediately be bombarded with all sorts of requests for it. Tell him Perk sent you. (Hi, Gary.)

Marshall Lytle led the Coast Guard "Team Semper" to the 2000 J24 World Championships this month. They scammed an official Coast Guard Recruiting sponsorship, and won a respectable 49th place in the standings. Sail on!

Mike Farrell, XO of AIRSTA Barbers Point, forwarded an e-mail from Joe Geraghty! Joe says he married the girl that was with him when he visited Mike in Savannah (no name given), and that he still works for Michelin Tire Company. Joe's spent four years in France working on a project he really likes and now speaks fluent French. He has also spent time at the company's plant in Reno. (The note doesn't say if he can speak yet.)

Due to the deafening silence of volunteers, Joe Sargent and I are (slowly) forming a 20th Reunion "Hard Nucleus" Committee. Send us e-mail or call me if you want to volunteer to help set up or clean up on any of the days or nights.

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