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Somewhere, in some cardboard box, is a file full of column info and some great photographs, but of course, I canít find it, so I am relying on my awesome memory and very recent submissions to complete this column. Needless to say, itís going to be a bit short!

I have seen many classmates walking the halls of CGHQ and now that I have some time I have been able to track one or two of our classmates down by phone, e- mail, and lunch invitations. Dan Laliberte is back in LANTAREA Intel after a stint "working somewhere else." Bob Korroch had a very relaxing summer vacation building sandcastles with his kids on the shores of Lake Michigan. He came back with a serious "happy face", and at least one down-home Michigan novel.

Jim Esposito e-mailed me the other day. Havenít seen him since we went to a great party at his house years ago. Donít remember much else, but it was a great party! It was good to hear from Spo and how he and his family are doing. Since he left the CG, Jim has been working for NMAA and has sent us all some tasking: "You need to start learning about the Survivors Benefit Plan (SBP) for the 20 year mark is coming fast. Check to make sure you and your family are adequately insured." In his job, Jim sees the heartbreak of those families who never bothered to get around to it before something bad happened. And, he doesnít even get a commission.

Our Mountain Correspondent, Geoff Beausoleil, asked that I pass on a "Congrats" to Tom and Charlie for Aviation Command Selection. Yes, please! And, let me add another to Lance, Steve, Warren, Dave, Dan, Missy, and Jennifer for selection to Command Afloat. Wow! Did I miss anyone? Are we taking over, or what? Good luck with orders, and well done, gang!

Geoff also passed along the news that Rick Kaserís father passed away a few months ago. Our condolences go out to Rick and his family.

Brad Suchanek responded to my earlier hostage notice and supplied a picture of his other kid. Meet Kaitlin everyone. There is also a picture of several classmates who failed to get the word that it was summer, or totally rejected its agenda. Extra credit will be awarded for correct identification of the skiers, and our respect for and jealousy of those who can identify the backdrop.

Larry Rudy sent a great JPG picture of a true mystery classmate! Unfortunately JPG exceeds our technology base. Rats! Pictures only gang, black and white preferred. Larry, can you get another of the same subject? It was awesome! I also have a great picture of Brian Sullivan with three people who he claims are "business associates". Too bad itís in the missing file. Coincidence?

We saw a lot of Giff and Patty Hammar this summer while we were in Maine. After I got off the ship, I got to head north for a little vacation with Annie and the boys. Giff was up every weekend working/sailing on their boat and partying with us. We saw Patty and their daughter Andrea as we left. They were on their way to North Haven Island for an overnight sail. EXUBERANT looked beautiful sailing out of Sabbathday Harbor. We also got to watch Giff buy cool stuff for their boat at the Annapolis Boat Show last weekend.

We caught up with Darrell and Mary Milburn on our way back from Maine. Darcy and Lauren are really growing up and Darrell and Mary are having trouble keeping up with them! We must be getting old since Darrell was home from a bachelor party by 2230.

I hope to have lots more information for the next column. I am now in G-OCU right here in Washington, DC, the hotbed of CG information and intrigue. Youíre guaranteed all sorts of rumors and nonsense. I even have a Standard Workstation III and access to the Global List. You know where to find me now, and I canít blame my lack of columns on a patrol schedule. Please note the new address, phone, and internet information above. I do tend to answer work e- mail faster, but I prefer the address for significant submissions. Canít wait to hear from everyone either!

As for me, Iím looking forward to spending time with my family. The boys are signed up for winter lacrosse; weekends are full of road trips, house guests and football; and we have already been four-wheeling and camping with Annieís Land Cruiser buddies . Can you say FJ40? Sure, I knew you could!

I had a great tour on VIGILANT and can honestly say it was hard to leave. I was fortunate to work for two great COs, and with the greatest wardroom and crew in the fleet. So, in their honor, Iíd like to quote the Great Philosopher. "Drink it up. This oneís for you. Itís been a lovely cruise."


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