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LCDR Brian Perkins
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Perhaps it was the holidays or Y2K, but last issue no column inputs were received on time. (Guess you guys were all as busy partying, I mean preparing, as I was.)

But shortly after press time, I received a long e-mail from Marshall Lytle. Marshall writes:

Looks like I may be sailing in Annapolis next year too! Detailer indicates I am done as ESUMIA CO and am probably heading for TISCOM this summer. Brrrr, I hear it gets below 70deg up there. Yuck! Oh well, I guess five tours (yup, that was five!) in Miami is over the limit!

Been doing a lot of sailing with Coasties down here. We had two boats full at the 99 J/24 Midwinters Championships in Key West (placed 9th and 11th out of 40) and we have one boat full for the 2000 Midwinters in Tampa in a few weeks (LCDR Mindy Mcgurer, LCDR Eric Jones, LT Andy Mcgurer, LT Doug Fears and me). We have about a dozen or or so Academy sailors from the 90-95 era (coaches and ex-cadets) that get together in various combo's for regattas up and down the east coast. Great fun!

As if sailing wasn't an expensive enough hobby, I have also started spending a bit of time driving my BMW M3 quickly around the various race tracks in Florida. I should be going broke soon! Two days at the Sebring race track coming up in mid January, yee ha!

Speaking of expensive hobbies, Bryan Schroder, Janice and I are still organizing our yearly ski trips out west. This year we are going to Aspen. Last year we were at Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Other classmate news... Kevin Rahl is still living in Pembroke Pines, FL flying at AIRMIA. Wife and two kids are doing fine. Bryan and I firmly believe that he had the kids solely for the excuse to be a part of the Boy Scouts. He spends 99 percent of his free time as a troop leader. He even wears the full Boy Scout uniform, complete with the shorts and knee socks! Pretty scary! Missy Wall (GRUMIA), Chris Balboni (ISCMIA) and Bryan (D7) round out the ‘81 contingent here in Miami.

Joe Rogers got married a year ago last October. He and Julie just had their first child this October - Joseph H. Rogers III. All are doing well out in California.

Janice and I are doing well. Still DINK's, and the cat count is up to two!

Thanks, Marshall. I am glad to see that so many people know what to do with their free time. I commend you on your pursuits. Please move up here right away. I’ll be over shortly.

Preston Gibson, our Class President for Life, presents a contrasting view in his recent e-mail. He was trying to rebut Ochsie’s recent "Seize the Night" suggestion for a revised class motto. Preston writes:

It is great to receive Jay and Lori’s news…I’m overjoyed for them and it’s reassuring to know that other 81ers are still in the family expansion business. Julie is due with our fourth next month.

Regarding the motto change…that John and Rauline are ready to seize the night is amazing to me. With children ages 7, 5, 2, and less than 0, I’m more in the mode of ‘Survive the Night’ or even ‘Surrender the Night’. I’m sure Jay and Lori can relate – is this a distant memory for you and Annie? (Columnist: yes, but not distant enough….) Don’t misunderstand: I am not discouraged by Ochsie’s report/proposal. On the contrary, I am EN-couraged that such a season lies beyond my present season of night frights and poopy diapers.

All good comments, and re-printed here fairly faithfully as indicated by the quotes. Unfortunately, he then went on to make some self-serving comments about how if the motto is not “for life”, he should not have to be “President for Life” and other silly nonsense which had to be edited for content.

Anyway, with such an obvious split in opinion and life-style we will probably have to stick with “Seize the Fish” as our motto for now. Thanks for trying, John. Besides, you know I am too cheap to buy a new ring.

Before I forget, please note our new web site address. The class page is now and again, thanks to Joe Sargent for keeping that page in action. If you haven’t checked it out recently, ask your kids how to find it or call Joe at about 2 a.m. He’ll think he’s underway again, and will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Saving the best for last. Sally Haskovec writes:

Warren and CAMPBELL are out keeping the North Atlantic free from defiant fishermen. I am certain they are lonely (the fishermen are smarter than to brave sub-zero temperatures and Nor’easters) and a bit woozy as the seas have not been kind.

We do have some exciting news (if I wait for Warren to e-mail…well I am sure you can guess…). We welcomed our new baby daughter, Malia Elizabeth Haskovec, on October 29th, 1999. Warren returned from patrol just 3 days prior to her arrival (he’ll tell you he timed it perfectly), missing the last two months of pregnancy. Malia and I are doing great, waiting for the CAMPBELL to return next week.

As always, if anyone is in Newport the door is always open.

Thanks, Sally. Congratulations! And, close that door. It’s cold up there. Besides, we’re quite comfortable just barging in anyway.

So there you have it. Things change, and they don’t change. As the Great Philosopher says, “…I can go to movies and see it all there, just the way that it used to be.