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The last column was a bust, and I apologize. Following a minor surgical procedure (that I can't go into in this family-oriented magazine) and several weeks of recuperation, the column was lost in a haze of guaranteed to make any urinalysis .

So, there's a bit of extra news this issue. First, congratulations to Kurt Colella who was selected as CG Engineer of the Year! Although I didn't make it to the ceremony, my spies did. I won't go into the list of accomplishments that led to the award, but I am very proud of him. Good job, classmate.

I received some really cool JPG photos of Sally and Warren Haskovec's daughter, Malia, being baptized on Warren's ship on April 15th. I sent them to the Editor, but don't know if The Bulletin is that high tech yet.... If you don't see cool baby s beside this column, don't send me JPG photos, gang. If you do, let 'er rip! Warren, a real sailor would ensure all babies baptized aboard have their names engraved in the ship's bell. It's tradition. I'm counting on you.

It is with deep regret that I announce the passing of Marshall Lytle's father. I saw the notice printed in the Miami Herald before I was sure it was Marshall's father, but there was so much info listing his life accomplishments and those of his children that I "knew". Our prayers go out to him and his family, and we look forward to his moving up the DC area.

As I write this, Giff Hammar, and Patti and Andrea are about to race to Bermuda in their sailboat. If they win before this is printed, heard it here first! Sort of. Giff said preparing for the race is kind of like preparing for REFTRA in your spare time. Now THAT is an effective visual image. Yuck! He also mentioned something about boondoggles to Australia and other irritating noises.

Dean Faina sent e-mail from Panama. He has been there for over five years now and is the istant Port Administrator for Manzanillo International Terminal (a BIG terminal on the Caribbean side). He has his 1600 ton Master license (2nd Mate Unlimited) which he completed in '93, and he "hablos un poco de espanol" so he is technically an expatriated American (the Great Philosopher would be proud, Dean) who remained behind after the turnover. Dean asks that I send his regards to Warren Soleduc and Keith Steinhouse (we were all sitting around at lunch wondering what happened to Dean before I sent the e-mail) and admits to being in arrears in his alumni dues. Since I now owe Dean a beer, I expect him to cough up the dues.

Jim Esposito is doing well at Navy Mutual Aid. I took him up on his offer to be a Non-Resident Director, and it was great to spend the week comparing notes and getting caught up. Jim is just as nice as ever and is obviously doing well at something he passionately believes...helping sailors and their families who are in trouble or one day may be. Jim, how's that for a shameless plug for your outfit? And I didn't even mention what a great deal the insurance is too.

Jeff Holt and I shared a great visit with Tim Chenoweth and his family last week. Tim is one of those guys who hasn't aged a bit, collects a ridiculously high salary following his PHD, and has the audacity to tell you what his disgusting work hours are if you ask him. And by the way, Tim, I AM going to tell everyone that I beat you in a game of HORSE. I just can't remember if I had this cast on my left hand back then or not....

I saw Jim Howe (CO of TAMPA) and his family briefly at a J.O. wedding (that by the way offered a simply excellent reception - good job Aimee and Jerred and happy honeymoon) but didn't get much of a chance to swap news. And I received a brief e-mail from Dan Wray mentioning his three oldest kids (18, 16, and 14) but am waiting for a secret Class of '81 code phrase to ensure that he's okay.

As for our family, my oldest son made it through his first year of prep school without getting kicked out, my second oldest son went on a first date, my third oldest son just earned his Webelos badge, and my fourth oldest son got braces. Anne has a new LandCruiser (a '77) and got a cool new ARB bumper for her other LandCruiser just before four-wheeling at the Great Smoky Mountain Trail Ride in Tennessee.

Remember, as the Great Philosopher frequently reminds me, "Never try to keep the wild ones home."

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