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Notice: This page supports the classmates of, but is not affiliated in any other way with, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

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As author of this site and on behalf of the Coast Guard Academy's Class of 1981, I welcome you to our Internet Home Page. Please browse through our different areas, and leave us a message in our Guest Log.

I'm Back

I apologize for taking such a long break on maintaining this site! I'll be updating it regularly from now until our upcoming reunion, so please check back here for information on what will be happening in October.

25th Reunion

If you haven't heard yet, the 2006 Reunion (i.e. our 25th) will be on the weekend of 21 - 22 October. Brian Perkins put out a plea for a Reunion Chairman to step up, and as of this update (January 23rd), I don't believe we have a volunteer yet. Please consider it and let Brian or me know.

We have days 'til the reunion.

From our last reunion...

To see a picture of our motley group on the football field for march on, click here.

Alumni Bulletin Class Notes

I will get some updated Alumni Bulletin class notes and post them here soon. The old archive will be moved to its own page very soon. Click on the below articles to read here.
December '97 Issue
April '98 Issue
December '98 Issue
April '00 Issue
June '00 Issue
October '00 Issue
February '01 Issue

Alumni Bulletin Input

Continue to send e-mail to Brian Perkins for the Alumni Bulletin. I've made this as easy as possible, just select "Send Bulletin Input" from the menu at the left. Do it today!

Classmate E-Mail Address Update

If you sent new email addresses to me, I have finally gotten time to update our list. Can't believe how that got away from me for so long. If you have a new address, or the one in the list is wrong, send me your address by clicking here now!

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